Documents to file your I 600

Birth certificate: English and French
Attestation of signature:  Confirmation that the signature on the certificate is that of the parent.

Adoption consent: in English and French:
This certifies that the surviving parent has appeared before the court and relinquished their parental rights to the cresche, effectively placing their child into an adoptive home. it is not your adoption decree.

Attestation of signature: in english and french
Certifies that the signatures on the offical documents are the signatures of the offical adnd not forged.

Relinquishment of rights: in English and French
This certifies that New Life Link has authority to place the child for adoption based on parental consent.

Adoption decree: in English and French
This is your final decree once you ahve passed through IBESR AND the Legal system. It will declare your children as yours and add your last name to their current name.

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