Monday, October 31, 2011

Updated photo

Smith, sent us our latest updated photo with weight and measurements. Our sons are getting bigger and better looking each day. It is always bitter sweet to get these photos. We long for any glimpse of them just living their lives and we long for them to be living their lives here.

I have to remember that each day that goes by is one day closer to home coming. It looks like I will have longer than my 22 weeks to work on my list but eventually they will be winging their way home.

We have two significant events coming up in November. One appertains to their US paper work side and the other is: EMMA and I are going to visit!!!!

YES, we have tickets booked to go over the Thanks Giving holiday period. We wish we could take the whole family again but it is just not financially possible. We had hoped that we would be booking tickets for folks to come stay while we went to bring the boys home..but again..our plans are not always the way things pan out and so plan B is Emma and I for one week in Haiti. Steve is taking the week off to stay with the rest of the children here.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A letter to Haiti, to our boys, from the girls..

Good evening boys, we know you can't read yet..or really even speak English.. however we penned the following for you.

Dear Wadley and Peter,

We, the girls of your family, would just like to give you just warning that upon returning home you will not be put down. We understand this will come as quite a shock to you after your prior independence in the holding department. Please prepare to get used to it by hugging each other frequently and cuddling into the lovings you do get.

We would also like to give you prior warning that upon entering the house there will probably be a ridiculous amount of clothes awaiting you. This is due in part to the fact we are always thinking of you but restraining ourselves from getting the cute outfits we see. Once we know you are truly on your way home the damn will be breached and   Please be prepared to under go multiple outfit changes as we congratulate our selves on having the best dressed and cutest baby boys in the State. Also there are some seriously amazing Western wear outfits that are shouting your name!

Finally, we the girls of this home wold like to give you prior warning to make sure you are aware that stories, games, rocking, walks in the stroller, swings on the swing set, just looking at you and of course..more hugs are all waiting here for you. So.. hurry on up and get home please sweet boys!

Love The Girls.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dear Sons

Dear Precious Sons,
There is no way you can know that Mummy looks at your faces everyday and longs to touch and kiss them. I hope one day soon you will know the loving embrace of our arms. Will we be able to put you down? Will we be able to fill your hearts with all this love we have over flowing for you here. How will it be to see you wake every morning in your cribs and be able to reach out and touch you, care for you, hold and comfort you.
I am so sorry this is taking so long, I am so sorry that every day goes by and you are still there: being loved and taken care of so well at the cresche: but not here where we long for you to be. Here starting the rest of your life.. that After Adoption life.

 Your Boise State football outfits are quickly being grown out of.. how many will you have waiting here for you by the time you get to be dressed here. Today I walked down the baby aisle of the Commissary and picked up a coupon for diapers that expires December 31st 2011. I pray God that you will be home for me to use that coupon. I bought size four diapers since your last weights showed you had just about grown out of the size threes I bought two months ago.
 People ask me if you are brothers. it makes my heart a little sad because I always remember Jesley when they ask that question. You will be glad to know that I always answer that question with "They are now!" And look just to prove me right you are hanging onto each other in these photos. Try to stay close to each other until we can come for you. We are trying, we are praying, we are hoping every day that today will be the day we get the email that says come.
Until that day little boys know that Mummy loves you with all her heart, longs for you to be in her arms and dreams of that day in the future when all this will seem as naught because you will be here. Even then sweet boys our hearts will turn to Haiti. For that is where your beautiful beginning began, it is where people who love you unconditionally poured their all into you, taught you to smile and say "hallelujah" and loved us as family too.

Good night sweethearts.. looking forward to the night I can say "Good night, God Bless, see you in the morning"