Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Now I understand!!!!

I've always wondered why the adoption blogs I've read always come to a grinding halt once the adoption is finalised and the children home. NOW I understand!!!!
How can you blog on upside down and inside out? I challenge anyone to go to the nearest roller coaster, and try to blog. You might get a few thoughts down on the gentle ride up but after that first drop..forget about it :0)

You will notice that my last post was.. a month ago!!! So I'll try to recap:

June 5th we arrived in Haiti, stopped by the office to say thank-you for all the hard work the workers there have put into our adoption. I actually wrote out the cards and the little "thank-you" speech in Creole and folks were very kind and didn't laugh adn fall on the floor in hilarity as I read it. I have made particular friends with Smith and to my amazement was able to understand a lot of what he said..I was also able to ruin his native tongue by trying to answer back..creole in an English accent..not nearly as rich and beautiful as when natively spoken :0)

Next we were on our way to the Guest house and for our final reunion with our sons. No more leaving without them, no more tearful returns to the cresche! It felt sureal and it didn't real hit me how real it was until I was tucking them in to bed about two weeks later!!..at home.

The rest of the day was spent settling in, eating the excellent meals at the guest house and generally starting our life with our boys calmly and well cared for.

We have come to know several of the folks at Bethel well over the past couple of years we've visited. Spendig time with our sons and re-connecting with friends perfected the end of this long journey to home coming!!!