Saturday, February 11, 2012


Well this month has been an all up..then all down month so far and we are on the 11th.

The great news is that we have Peter's passport and he is ready to be submitted for his visa.

The bad news is that somehow the boys were seperated in the final phase and Wadley is still waiting to exit the final stage of checks and balances.

We have been expecting his passport to be ready any day but got the news today that no more dossiers will be moved this month. The Ministry of Interior is moving offices and we need to wait until they are resettled.

That is a hard pill to swallow with one child out and our little Wadley still stuck.
Instead of thinking it will be next month that we will have our children home it is now looking more like April.


Monday, February 6, 2012

While in the holding pattern..

We are getting closer.. so much closer.. we are in the holding pattern waiting for air tower control to give us the thumbs up to approach the runway.
While circling the airport for hours is fun if you are ...ummmm.. if you are... nope, can't think of a single instance where circling the airport for hours might be fun! And it's not much fun waiting for those final landing directions either. You would think being near the end of the journey the traveling would be easier but it's just not. We are all fatigued from the journey, anxious to be on firm ground, back in routine, heading towards life instead of "traveling".

SO.. to keep my spirits up I've been shopping. I have avoided outfits, diapers and other purchases that show signs of imminent arrival. BUT I have landed on an item that says.. babies are coming home!!!
They have a two year expiration date, they can't be grown out of and they will always used for a LONG time!!

Yes.. BABY WIPES!!!!!! I'm allowing myself one box a week..or whenever I go past a baby aisle :0)

I've also started to seek out a funny quote or thought on facebook. My favourite so far has been..

"Sometimes I  think I worry too much! Wait, I probably shouldn't have said that. Wait.. should I have said that?"

And of course prayer has become much more intense for all our "travelers" whether they are in the airport waiting to board the adoption plane, in the air heading to the first destination, or seasoned round trip, multi destination globe trotters like ourselves.

Soon and very soon we will be heading to our final destination with permission to approach the runway and then the gates!

"Sometimes I think I worry too much! Wait, I probably shouldn't have said that. Wait.. should I have said that?"

Makes me laugh every time!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

1 down 1 to go!!

We heard today that Peter exited MOI (Minister of Interior) and can now head towards passports.
Wadley is still waiting to exit but hopefully soon, very soon he too will be sent for passports!!

We also got our latest photo :0)