Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sixth day

The girls and I ahve spent the day cleaning, organising and watching movies.. PERFECT!!!
The boys are camping with their boy scout troop (storms tonight so I hope they stay safe)

Fifth day

I have some catching up to do :0)

It has been a month now since we were told our paper work had been accepted at the Embassy and we have still not heard anything about a Visa appointment date.

I re-read the email I got a week ago and noticed that it said the Embassy had to verify that the children were eligible for adoption. We submitted to a process called "The Adjudicate Orphan Status First" program at the start of this process.. (in 2010). The investigation was completed and sent to Immigration and then to the National Visa Center and from there to the Consulate back in November 2011. we had to chase down and resend that paper work after our passport for Wadley arrived. I am concerned that all the paper work did not arrive on the right desks.
SO, I sent an email asking for verification that the Embassy has our AOF report, other than that I can do nothing but sit and wait.. you'd think I would be good at this but it is getting harder and harder as the days pass.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend and then fun with our 72ns Wing spouses on Monday.. day by day.. day by day..

Saturday, April 28, 2012

fourth day

Well today is Saturday and fourth day was Thursday :0)
I have a good reason for not blogging the past two days though..
Thursday is the day we pray name by name, family by family through our adoption lists. It is s a day I look forward to every week! This week again the Lord was grascious to answer prayers.
The biggest joy was the news that peter's Aunt, and two Uncles are on their way to a forever family here in the States. Their parents will be going to get them in May.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Third Post

"The physical strain of waiting can be harder, some days, than the emotional strain."

I have been living this statement's truth the past few days. The hour by hour strain of expectation is taking it's toll. I am exhausted, find it hard to focus, have difficulty rising to simple tasks. The strain can be felt throughout my back and I've been having headaches. My allergies are off the chart and I almost feel like I have the flu.

I had to fill in a medical form the other day, I listed all these new symptoms and fully expected to be called on them. true to the full care I've come to expect.. not a single thing was mentioned. C'est la vie. Good job I have a sympathetic listening ear in Haiti. When I told him how I wanted to just throw a tantrum he laughingly told me not to be a crybaby .. I laughed SO HARD!!! I mean seriously where can I go around here to get some sympathy LOL

While I managed to laugh at myself yesterday, the effects of long term stress are not to be taken lightly. And when you sign up for an international adoption you are signing up for long term stress and lots of it!!

I'm hopeful that today I can start a new and try to build in stress busters in to my day.

I'll let you know how that goes..

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Second post:

Today's wait for visas was a little easier as cox cable went out in our general area. No phone, no Internet so no point hitting send and receive like a demented wood pecker.

However when I did finally manage to get on I had updated photos waiting for me. Hopefully our LAST sent to us from Haiti. I am looking forward to sending monthly updates the other way round :0) Our boys standing in our front yard, or sitting on the couches, or playing with their toys in our house. At least then I will know who they are looking at LOL

Once again Peter is busting his britches LOL and those sweet faces make me want to jump on a plane and head to Haiti.. come on embassy give me the thumbs up chocks away sign!!
Our friend and adoption worker Smith sent this note with our photos..

"As you are getting close to the end of this adoption process, we feel happy to update you on your boys. Wadley's weight is 28, and his height is 34. As for Peter, his weight is 22, and his height is 28 1/2.

They're happy and are doing good."

I have to remember that every day we are one step closer!

Monday, April 23, 2012

First post: Preparations

Well another week has started and as of today we still have no Visa appointment date. A friend suggested I blog once a day until we get our Visa's.. GREAT IDEA!!!

We have been preparing for years for the arrival of our children from Haiti. I have bought more sets of clothes and then left them in Haiti than I care to think about. My babies have grown from infants to toddlers and I am praying they will still fit the 18 month and 2T  clothing I have for them when they get home!

Today the second crib arrived and I will be nagging.. I mean highly encouraging.... Steve to put it up before bed tonight.

I've been nesting the past few days, trying to do all my cleaning for the next six months ahead of time.. if only we could do that :0)

But I've mainly be preparing my heart and mind for parenting my new sons. Preparing my mind for the dream and the reality of actually having them home. Reading up on internationally adopted children and the challenge of teaching unconditional love and home to them.  Learning how to embrace their uniqueness and beauty and not be "color blind", learning about skin and hair issues as well as racial prejudices and how to handle intentional and unintentional rudeness.

The one thing I could not have prepared myself for though was how physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting this final wait is. I have friends who have been waiting for the "any day" email since December!! That is not typical but it is mind boggling!!!

My mind is fried. Simple tasks take a lot more concentration than they should, I am extremely forgetful and my multi tasking abilities have gone out of the window! My response to this is to reorganise, stream line and accept it as part of "adoption pregnancy". I am looking forward to just having sleep deprived fogginess :0)

So if this blog post makes sense then "yeah!!", if not then.. "See what I mean!!"

Until tomorrow.. or prayerfully not!!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Update: One down :0)

Step one: Deliver documents CHECK..completed..Smith got them to the Embassy Friday!!
Step two: Take children for medical checks with approved Doctor
Step three: receive email with Visa interview date
Step four: buy tickets to travel
Step five: complete Visa interview (orphanage will take children)
Step six: Recieve IBESR exit letter
Step seven: get on plane to bring children home!!!!

O the personal goal front.. I finished War and Peace!

Friday, April 13, 2012

And then one day there it is.. contact..

We recieved the email this morning letting us know that we do exist at the Embassy :0)

All our paper work from immigration was resent earlier this week, I sent an email following up and confirming that we had completed all the investiagtion portion of the adption.
Our orphanage now has to deliver the original documents to the Embassy so we can be issued visas.

Step one: Deliver documents
Step two: Take children for medical checks with approved Doctor
Step three: receive email with Visa interview date
Step four: buy tickets to travel
Step five: complete Visa interview (orphanage will take children)
Step six: Recieve IBESR exit letter
Step seven: get on plane to bring children home!!!!

I'm not even going to guess on a time frame.. but I can hope :0) end of month? Early May?