Monday, July 18, 2011


We are almost at journeys end..or beginning. No not in Haiti..this time our attention is turned homeward for a little bit and the children and I are headed to Boise. Today is day four of our trip and we are about 3 hours away. It's been a great drive, but LONG!
Yes for those who know me I have done it again. Looked at the map and guesstimated that a trip to a State a few "blocks" away shouldn't take too long!..WRONG!! Hours of driving and three hotels later we are at our 23 hour trip end :0)
We are all looking forward to trips end and vacations begginging, meanwhile our documents are at USCIS and we are praying to hear of progress today or tomorrow.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Update on our adoption process

After weeks of hitting send and receive and praying for papers to be in the inbox, today they were there!! For whatever reason there was confussion about which papers had been sent but today the awesome staff were able to get me all the papers I need to file the AOF here in the States.

The AOF is a voluntary program Non Hague countries can opt into. It means adjudicate Orphans First. Basically it is one more step we submit to, to ensure that our children are legally eligible for adoption. We will recieve our I600 form after the investigation is complete. This form allows us to move forward with the adoption of Peter and Wadley.

Meanwhile back in Haiti the judge at the High Court in Port Au Prince will interview Steve the first week of August to make sure that we are who we say we are, that we truly want to love and nurture these two boys as our own children.

Then we will wait for the papers to pass through the chain of command in Haiti and finally to receive President Martely's signature. This is called "being in MOI".. the Ministry of Interior. Once the papers are signed we become the legal parents of the boys and will receive visas and passports (after another wait) to bring them home. We will get a call to go and bring them home!

It seems like we are SO much closer but still SO far away.

Realistically though we could be as close as 2 months away or as far as 5 months.. either way.. we are praying before Christmas!

Wadley turned one years old on Monday. It was a hard day to be away from him and we missed Jelsey all over again. I think Jesley will always be with us as Wadley meets his milestones, it is good to know he is safe in the arms of Jesus but hard to know he won't be here to cause his Mummy mayhem and joy! Peter and Wadley will take care of that though I am sure :0) I can hardly wait to have the house turned upside down again by the addition of my sons.

Thank-you for praying with us and bearing with us... soon and very soon!