Sunday, June 3, 2012

A week today!

One week today (Saturday) and my sons will be home, the air condioning will have been turned way down if not off and we will all be sweating through our first tropically simulated night with the boys!!!!

My Mother in Law and Sister in Law are going to be staying with the children and a frantic house clean/organise has been being done.

Tomorrow I re-pack my bags for the last time so I'm ready to go to the airport on MONDAY!!!!!

My brain is scrmbled with all the thoughtsw and emotions rusing through it so I'll try to put them in order adn share tomorrow.. but for tonight.. LESS THAN ONE WEEK!!!!!

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  1. I think it gets kind of cool at the creche at night-- maybe you don't have to turn it all the way down/off. I usually have to use a sheet and blanket there and my boys like to sleep in long pants and sleeves (I had brought two types of PJs and that's what they chose). =)

    So many of us are so, so excited for you and your family-- we are soaking up some of that anticipatory anxiety and holding on for the "got 'em" and "we're home" notes! Don't forget to let us know what time you're flying-- we want to pray at very specific times for you!