Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Home in Haiti

We are here at last, woke up this morning for the first day of normal for the rest of our lives. So far Wadley isn't totally buying into the whole "we are not leaving" routine..but he is loving the attention and we are working on the rest. we picked up passprts and visas yesterday.. WOW.. really have them here i our hands and our babies in our arms!! I've pinched myself many times and it ooks like this might be truly real. ANother sureal moment as we got through the airport yesterday with zero problems!!!! Even managed to avoid paying half way down the walkway and got our bags taken all the way to the car with NO fussing!!!! Surreal moment number 3,00004 :0) Had a great visit with new life staff and even managed to speak some creole (well I think that is what I was speaking! ) I do know I understood mush more than I could speak. Breakfast this morning.. Leah's oatmeal... a sign of Haiti for me, I know the children will be jealous when they read ths! A visit to the cresche this morning to get as many photos as video as I can to bring home with me for the parents waiting. I'll be back later because the babies were sleeping when I went down. Talking of sleep, we all slept well last night despite having a few midnight diappers to deal with..and 2 a.m. and 6 a,m..... my new normal. I don't have the ability to up load pictures here so those will have to wait.. I'll hurry home as fat as I can! Wendy

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  1. I didn't read this until now, but besides being super happy-- I think your little typos are hilarious! They make sense on a different level. =) I love that you "understood mush" and will "hurry home as fat" as you can-- don't worry, we all know the creche food is that good. Lol.