Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dallas Airport

Well despite the fog I was in this morning.. we made it! Made it to take off day :0) So here we are in the Dallas Airport, I'm drinking a smoothie and people watching and Steve is finding missions to conquer. So far he has procurred support pillos for my back, a smoothie to make up for the lettuce contaminated sandwich I got at the last airport. (I am allergic to lettuce.. I know.. crazy, but I digress.) He has just returned from having hunted down and captured dual headphones so we can watch a movie as we wait :0) I think he might be ready to sit a while! We have executed this first section of the journey like a military unit on the march... a forced march! Thankfully Steve firmly endorses the "No wife left behind" moto and relieved me of my pack... pull along.. so I could pick up the pace. we have agreed that I can be lead scout on the way home. It seems sureal.. each take off is one huge step closer to our destination. I am exhausted from a very late night trying to tie up the many loose ends. Steve is back from his final mission.. skin the packaging off the headphones .. having got to the meat.. the actual ear phones we are now ready to wtch a movie.. just minutes before boarding!'

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